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The McKane One Name Study website is dedicated to my McKane ancestors and to all McKane's worldwide who trace their ancestory to Ireland. Most McKane's seem to hail from Northern Ireland, mainly Cos. Tyrone and Derry (Londonderry). The long term goal is to connect more of us together in our heritage.

There are many similar spellings of McKane that include McKain, McCain, M'Kane, M'Kain and M'Cain.

This project can only succeed with your co-operation. If you have even one McKane in your genealogy, please assist everyone by sharing your information.

Please direct your queries to me, Jim McKane.  This database consists of Gedcoms from many researchers. I will reply to advise the correct researcher's contact information.

I will be pleased to receive any and all suggestions for the improvement of this site, especially new Gedcoms or additional data.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this preamble, ENJOY !!

Line of Shamrocks

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McKane and Lyons Genealogy: My Irish Ancestors